Will your anchor hold?!

Outdoors - Grass or Hard Standing

A question we get asked regularly is “Do I need grass for a bouncy castle?” Our answer is generally “Yes, you do.” We thought it would be useful on this forum to explain why we favour grass instead of “hard standing”.


The Risk - Indoor versus Outdoor

The major difference between setting up a Bouncy Castle (or any inflatable) outdoors versus indoors is… the weather! Whilst rain is an obvious factor, wind speed is also very important and must be taken into account by a Bouncy Castle Operator prior to and during set up.

To keep everyone safe your Hire Company will check the wind speed forecast for the day. They will also provide you with an anemometer to test the wind speed throughout your hire. No inflatable should be used in winds above 24 mph.


Managing the Risk - Will your anchor hold?

Another important thing they will do is anchor the inflatable to the ground. Each inflatable has a number of anchor points which surround it on all sides. All of the anchor points must be staked into the ground or be weighted down with the equivalent of 163 kg.

When we set up your inflatables on grass, we make sure it is solid and use large stakes to secure it. If it isn’t on grass, we need to drill into the ground or tie it to something really heavy (over 163 kg per anchor point).

Arksy very rarely inflates on “hard standing” because:

  1. it isn’t practical to carry that many weights around;

  2. have a load of cars to tie to the inflatable to; or

  3. drilling into driveways makes a big mess and we don’t know what’s underneath.


If you don’t have a good sized grass area on your premises, then an Inflatable may not be for you. There are plenty of great community centres and church halls in the area which are available to hire at modest prices. This may be a better option for you.

Play safe :)


Laura Carson